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Powering Social Enterprise with Profit and Purpose: The Tandem Hybrid by Scott Boyer, Jeremy Gudauskas, and Mike Hamel

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#1 New Release on Amazon in Business Ethics: a detailed blueprint for driving purpose through profit––building a business AND a mission simultaneously.

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, USA, March 14, 2023 / — Trail-blazing social entrepreneurs are tackling the world’s most pressing problems that government, business, or charity have failed to solve. Scott Boyer is one such social entrepreneur. This 28-year veteran of Big Pharma left a six-figure salary to start OWP Pharmaceuticals and the ROW Foundation. This model combines a multimillion-dollar business that fuels a global health nonprofit that’s on track to become the largest funder of projects serving people with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders in the world.

"This book makes a valuable contribution to the field of social enterprise by showcasing a proven model that is not bound by the either/or question of structure.”

Ranked as the #1 New Release on Amazon in Business Ethics, Powering Social Enterprise offers a detailed blueprint for driving purpose through profit––how to launch, grow, sustain, and scale a business AND a mission simultaneously. Students, professors, aspiring social entrepreneurs, and experienced business leaders will find value in this unique approach to building a social enterprise that will last.

SCOTT BOYER is the Founder and CEO of OWP Pharmaceuticals and the Founder and Chairman of ROW Global Health.

JEREMY GUDAUSKAS taught social entrepreneurship at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois where he founded the Center for Social Impact.

MIKE HAMEL has helped more than 100 entrepreneurs and C-level business men and women share their stories with a wider audience.

“The tandem hybrid structure introduced in this book shows the power of leveraging financial resources for purpose in any industry.”— Esther Benjamin, CEO, World Education Services

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