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Epilepsy is a global problem that deserves a global solution.™

How we do this…

When it comes to epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders, our goal is to impact pharmaceutical injustice globally, and to promote a future when the best treatments for these conditions are available to all people, at all times, in all the world. Solving a problem of this magnitude does not happen overnight. It requires intentional, systematic efforts and the kind of vision that drives our team at OWP Pharmaceuticals. Our vision comes to life through our business model and dedication.

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Founder, Scott Boyer

Scott Boyer learned early how to fix what’s broken in an industry, and then create something new and thriving. Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Scott was raised by an entrepreneurial dad who took a left-for-dead meat packing plant and turned it into a three-decade success story. Boyer’s Provisions did more than supply quality meat products to the good people of Iowa. It also provided a fifty yard line seat for Scott to

learn the value of hard work, having a plan, and then working that plan until it was successfully completed. “I did it all,” he says. “Driving trucks, smoking meat, you name it.” Scott worked his college schedule around his duties at Boyer’s Provisions, going to school three days a week and working the other two. He graduated from Morningside College with a double major in… Read more

  • 0 million

    people with epilepsy in under-resourced countries

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    of those unable to access proper diagnosis and treatment

  • 0 out of 10

    people with epilepsy who are treated find recovery

  • 0 million

    people could experience a transforming life change with access to medical assistance

This is who we are focused on. Together we can change lives around the world.

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ROW Impact


We believe in compassionate care for people with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders worldwide. See what our strategic partner, ROW Foundation, is doing in the world of epilepsy by clicking on the windows to the right. When it comes to epilepsy care, our goal and theirs is One World, One Standard!

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