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Our People

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OWP Core Values

Our values shape how we live as a company and as employees and are expressed in our Code of Conduct.

Founded just seven years ago, OWP Pharmaceuticals is a young company full of vibrant, entrepreneurial people with a singular focus: striving to create a better world for patients with neuroscience disorders regardless of personal circumstances.

Serving All People... Globally!

We strive to be a role model in our care for people across the globe. We genuinely demonstrate concern about the health and wellbeing of all people, especially those in under-resourced areas, raising awareness of the plight of those less fortunate.

Pursuing Excellence

We set personal and professional goals with consistent improvement in mind, always striving for the best in our team and in serving others. We invest in technology to make healthcare accessible worldwide.

Working Together to Achieve More

We develop loyal, committed, and engaged employees who have a sense of belonging to a team. We always seek to align the things we do, and how we do them, with the vision and values of the company. We work to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Valuing & Rewarding Innovation

We are building an environment that fosters new and innovative thought. We accept ideas without judgement, valuing the benefit of free and creative thinking. We also understand that not all ideas can be implemented, so we work to develop what works best for the company.

Acting with Integrity

We observe high standards of integrity and honesty, and always strive to act with care, diligence, and fairness in our business activities. We want every one of our interactions with stakeholders and wider society to be conducted in an ethical and proper manner.


We possess the power of passion and perseverance. We pursue everything with energy, drive, and the need to finish – seldom giving up in the face of resistance or setbacks. We pursue better understanding of issues and finding solutions to move us forward.