Roweepra® is OWP Pharmaceuticals’ branded generic alternative (AB rated) to Keppra® (levetiracetam) immediate-release tablets.*

Written DAW-1

Cost Affordability

Helping Others

Why Choose ROWEEPRA®?

ROWEEPRA® may be prescribed “DAW-1” (Dispense As Written – or appropriate language required by your state).

  • This ensures consistency in receiving the prescribed medication from the same drug manufacturer at every refill.
  • As long as the prescribed dosage remains consistent, ROWEEPRA® tablets are the same shape, size, and color at every refill.

ROWEEPRA® is available at a significantly lower cost than Keppra®.

A portion of the profits from each ROWEEPRA® prescription help support the humanitarian work of the ROW Foundation, an organization dedicated to help bring training, diagnostics, and treatment for epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders to under-resourced communities around the world.



Talk to your prescribing physician to see if ROWEEPRA® may be right for you.

If you are a patient with a prescription for ROWEEPRA®, it can be purchased through your local pharmacy. If you need help finding a pharmacy in your area that carries ROWEEPRA® please visit: or call 800-273-6729 for assistance locating one.

*Keppra® is a registered trademark of UCB Biopharma
† Accessed 1-25-2019

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