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One World. One Standard.

Founder, Scott Boyer

Scott Boyer learned early how to fix what’s broken in an industry, and then create something new and thriving.

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Scott was raised by an entrepreneurial dad who took a left-for-dead meat packing plant and turned it into a three-decade success story. Boyer’s Provisions did more than supply quality meat products to the good people of Iowa. It also provided a fifty yard line seat for Scott to learn the value of hard work, having a plan, and then working that plan until it was successfully completed. “I did it all,” he says. “Driving trucks, smoking meat, you name it.”

Scott worked his college schedule around his duties at Boyer’s Provisions, going to school three days a week and working the other two. He graduated from Morningside College with a double major in Business Administration and Psychology.

After graduation he turned his gift for strategic thinking into a very successful 29 year career in the pharmaceutical industry; eleven years at Abbott Labs; sixteen years at Bristol Myers; and two years as a consultant to a wide range of both startup and established pharmaceutical companies.

Along the way, he learned a lesson about how much-needed medicine is distributed around the world, a lesson that would haunt him and ultimately drive him to a new mission. “There were always these charts that showed sales in the U.S., and there was a section called ‘Global Sales’. It was easy to assume that ‘global’ meant all of the rest of the world, but I found that it did not. It really meant, for the most part, Japan, European Union, developed countries and the West. Other countries were lumped into a group called ‘Rest Of World’ (ROW). Sadly, it turns out that ROW is really about 75 percent of people on the planet.”

Over the years his newfound knowledge became, as he calls it, “a smoldering discontent” that made him always wonder if there might be something he could do about that.

Indeed there was. He set about designing and building a new model for the pharmaceutical industry, one that would sell epilepsy focused medications in the United States, and then use the profits from those sales to provide crucially needed epilepsy education, diagnosis and treatment to the less fortunate in the rest of the world. OWP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OWP) was born, not out of a desire to gain great wealth, but rather to reclaim a broken system and turn it into something more. In a way, he was following directly in his father’s footsteps.

As often happens when we step out into the unknown, the right people came along at just the right time to help Scott with his new endeavor. OWP has just been launched, but the impact is already being felt in areas of the globe who had long ago given up hope.

“I’m hoping that this model will be something other people will want to incorporate into their companies,” he says. “I’d like to think that businesspeople will just pick a calling and use this model to help people less fortunate than themselves.”

Scott lives in West Chicago with his wife, Ruth. They have two grown children.

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